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Do you want to play in online casinos using a prepaid card? Look no further, as Prezzy card allows you to make deposits in an online casino without disclosing your personal details and credit card information. There are numerous Prezzy card casinos in USA that accept the Prezzy prepaid card as one of their payment methods. We’ll take you through all you need to know about Prezzy card casinos, including a quick guide to make payments and a list of Prezzy card casinos in USA.

What is Prezzy Prepaid Card?

Prezzy prepaid card is powered by Visa and was released in 2006. Visa is known for its secured and safe payment solutions, hence, it is popularly used for payments across various platforms. Since the Prezzy card belongs to Visa, there is a guarantee of safety and secure payment that comes with it. Therefore, eliminating the fear of being overcharged or scammed. Asides from this, you don’t also have to disclose your personal details, or your credit card details while making payment. You just need to preload the Prezzy card with an amount, make payments with it at an online casino, and the exact amount will be deducted, no more, no less!

Lately, the Prezzy card is now being powered by MasterCard also, which implies that you now have a variety of payment options to choose from while making payments with your Prezzy card. Before we go into the full guide of how to make payments with your Prezzy cards, let’s quickly consider the benefits you gain if you play in Prezzy card casinos in USA.

Why You Should Use Prezzy Card Online Casinos

Some online gamers are used to their mode of payment and do not see any reason to try other means. However, we will like to discuss some of the benefits of using Prezzy cards in online casinos and hope to convince the majority about this payment option. See them below;

  • Instant Deposit: one of the features most gamers look forward to at online casinos is the fact that they see their deposits as soon as they make payments. Prezzy card casinos also offer instant deposits. Funds are immediately transferred from your card to your casino account as soon as you finish with payment verification.
  • Anonymity: this is one of the greatest benefits of using a Prezzy card casino. Using a Prezzy card casino does not require you to reveal any of your personals details. In essence, your credit card details and any other financial information are not needed.
  • Safety and Security: safety is one of the priorities of many online gamers. Prezzy card casinos do not require your personal data, hence, you are not exposed to cyber theft. That being said, the Prezzy card is powered by one of the most trusted and secured payment solution providers, so you can rest assured that your funds are safe.
  • Good for Budget: one unique feature of the Prezzy card casino is the fact that you can decide how much to recharge on the prepaid card, hence working with your budget plan. Therefore, with Prezzy cards, you don’t have to worry about going above budget anymore.

However, Prezzy card casinos also have a few shortcomings which are discussed below;

  • Deposits only: as sweet as the Prezzy cards payment option can be, it can only be used for deposits. Prepaid cards are only programmed for deposits, and this implies that you have to use another payment option for your withdrawals.
  • Low Deposit Limits: Prezzy card casinos in USA are only suitable for those who bet with small amounts. This is because Prezzy prepaid cards have low deposit limits of USD1000. Therefore, the big spenders at online casinos will have to find other payment methods.
  • Expiration Date: the majority of prepaid cards come with an expiry date which is a drawback for those who intend to keep their funds on the card for long. Once a Prezzy card expires, all the funds on it are gone. Therefore, you have to be aware of the expiry date of your Prezzy card and ensure that you use up your funds before the card expires.

Best Prezzy Card Online Casinos for Kiwis

As part of our motives to make casino payment easier for online gamers in USA, we have made research and compiled a list of online casinos in USA that accept the Prezzy card as a means of payment. We have weighed the benefits it offers against its shortcomings, and we can say that the Prezzy card payment method is a good alternative to your online casino payments. Below are some of the best Prezzy card casinos you’ll find in USA;

Leo Vegas Casino

LeoVegas, since its establishment in 2012, has become one of the top casinos in USA with a massive fan base. In essence, the casino received an award for the “Online Casino Operator of the Year” in 2017. This is due to their ever-increasing fanbase which has been a result of the features of the online casino. Some of the features include a very friendly website, offer a wide variety of games from top game providers, and they accept payments in US Dollars. In addition to this, they also offer a responsive customer support service.

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot city casino is one of the oldest online casinos in USA. Jackpot City Casino started online operations in 1998 and has since then gained ground in the online casino industry. They offer modern and current games that are powered by popular gaming providers. So, if you wish to play classic casino games or pokers from Microgaming, you only need to visit the Jackpot City casino website, and you’ll have a wide variety of games to yourself. You’ll also enjoy a welcome bonus as well as other promotions from the website from time to time.

Wildz Casino

This is one of the most sought-after online casinos among the Kiwi casino players. Wildz casino offers a wide range of games which include poker games, and other classic casino games, coupled with welcome bonuses, promotions, various payment options including Prezzy Card, and lots more.

Casino Lab

Casino Lab recently launched out in 2020 but has managed to feature in our top 5 list. This is because Casino Lab features state-of-the-art games that are powered by top gaming providers like Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Play ‘n Go, and many more. The online casino also offers various options for payment and also welcomes online players with bonuses and mouth-watering promotions.

Mr. Play Casino

Mr. Play Casino only began operation in 2017 but has become a hot spot for online gamers. Mr. Play casino now boasts of about 500 quality games from the best gaming providers across the world. So you have abundant varieties at your fingertips. Mr. Play casino accepts a wide range of payment methods which include Prezzy prepaid cards, e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and many more.

Using a Prezzy Card Casino

First of all, you won’t find a Prezzy logo in the payment options of an online casino, you can only use it as a Visa or MasterCard deposit. So, to use a Prezzy card casino, you need to purchase a Prezzy prepaid card and load it with your desired amount which may be between $25 and $1000. After you have received your Prezzy prepaid card, you need to activate it by inputting the digits on the card, and also the digits you received by mail on the Prezzy website. After this, your Prezzy prepaid card is ready to be used. However, the activation process explained above is only for Visa Prezzy Cards.

For MasterCard Prezzy cards, you need to place a call through to the MasterCard activation center to activate your card. After you have activated your Prezzy prepaid card, you can then proceed to choose any of the recommended online casinos discussed above, and proceed to its payment page. On its payment page, click on either “MasterCard or the Visa logo”, and then input your Prezzy card details. Verify payment information, and the exact amount you choose will be deposited into your online casino account. You’re then good to go on your gambling experience. However, don’t forget to check for the expiry date of your Prezzy prepaid card, and ensure to use up the funds in it before expiry. Once your card expires, you’ll forfeit the funds in it.


  • Can Prezzy prepaid cards be used at every online casino?

Yes. The Prezzy prepaid card can be used at every online casino that accepts Visa or MasterCard payments. So you can deposit money at any USA Casino using your Prezzy prepaid card.

  • Can withdrawals be made with a Prezzy Prepaid card?

No. it is only a prepaid card; it does not accept payment. You can make payments with money loaded in it, but cannot be used for withdrawals.

  • Are there any extra charges for using the Prezzy prepaid card?

No. the exact amount for the transaction will be deducted from your card, with no extra fee. You’ll only be charged a fee of USD5.95 when you load the card.

Prezzy card casinos
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